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Step Up To Leadership: End Bullying at Your Workplace

I’ve written a few other articles about workplace bullying, including:

  • What is a Workplace Bully?
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  • Should You Confront a Workplace Bully?
  • So – What if a Company has a Workplace Bully?

The next step in the process is to end workplace bullying altogether at your workplace.

This is essentially a leadership issue.

If you’re in leadership at your firm, in order to eliminate bullying at your company you may need to literally take the lead. Consider who the other leaders are who probably think like you do about this issue. Start conversations with each person individually to see if there is interest in topics such as leadership development, becoming known in your geographical region as a favorite company to work for, and how to make that happen. Who is interested in a jerk-free workplace?

Work toward identifying other leaders in management at your company who fit this frame of mind.

Join with those other leaders to cultivate a leadership development program. In it, include character-building exercises that create leaders who others want to follow because they choose to, not because they’re pushed into it. The program should include exercises that ensure:

  • The leader/participant won’t exhibit bullying behaviors
  • The leader/participant will address and weed out bullying behaviors in their team members and in their colleagues.

Get buy-in from executive sponsors to develop this type of program. Get the HR leadership to support it, too. HR doesn’t need to manage it, but they need to support it. (HR might manage it. But as an option you can have an outside company manage it with executive sponsorship.) In any case, a steering committee made up of representatives from across the company should lead its initiation, management, and rollout (whether HR or an outside company manages the program).

Eliminating bullying is just one aspect of a leadership development program. It doesn’t even need to be called “eliminating bullying.” It can simply include leader/character building initiatives that inherently eliminates bad behavior and builds up excellent leadership.

Workplace bullying exists because leaders allow it to happen. Excellent leadership weeds it out by getting at the root and dealing with bullies and the accompanying conflict without hesitation.

Implementing a leadership development program that is designed to eliminate bullying behaviors in leaders and teaches leaders to weed out bullying from employees and colleagues is a great step toward ending bullying at your workplace and creating an environment that everyone calls a good place to work.


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