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Endure a Job Loss...Now!


Chicago, IL.  Losing a job can be extremely stressful. Putting a few tips into practice can help to ease the pressure. That's the advice of Glory Borgeson, president of Borgeson Consulting, Inc., a business development firm.

Initially, suddenly finding yourself in career transition can be physically draining. Get some extra sleep for the first week or two. Then set your alarm for an early hour, Monday through Friday.

"Schedule exercise, such as aerobic activity, preferably in the early morning. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and stay away from junk food," says Borgeson. "Taking care of yourself physically will go a long way toward helping your stress level and outlook."

Borgeson has seen many poorly-written resumes. "Resumes should be written to show a potential employer 'what they are buying with their money' when they hire you," she says. What knowledge, skills, and experience is an employer "buying" when they pay for your work? Use verbs to describe your previous work, such as "developed", "managed", and "created". Discuss the outcomes of your work, such as saving time, saving money, or increasing sales.

Contact as many people as possible. "Get together with people for coffee or lunch, even if they are just acquaintances. Your goal is to help them become mindful of what you are looking for, and to spur their thoughts as to who they know who might be able to help you," Borgeson suggests. She adds, "For this group, only give your resume to those who ask for it."

Target companies where you might want to work. In speaking with everyone you know (and everyone they know), ask if they have contacts at those companies. Write a letter and then call their contacts to simply get to know them, their company, and their industry. Your goal is also for this group to become mindful of you and to possibly introduce you to others. "Eventually, you will be introduced to someone who will conduct an interview. That is the person to whom you send your resume," suggests Borgeson.

Be careful about spending time with people who are negative or who say things that cause you to worry or feel fearful (even if they are well-intentioned). You need positive influences at this time.

Set weekly goals for yourself to:

  • Make X number of calls to set up coffee or lunch meetings with friends and acquaintances.
  • Meet with X number of people for coffee or lunch.
  • Get X number of contacts at companies in which you are interested.
  • Send X number of letters to contacts at companies.
  • Make X number of calls to the company contacts.
  • Get X number of new contacts at the companies who are interview possibilities, and then follow-up.


If you have lost a job, try putting these tips into practice to make this transition time endurable.

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