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Build Your Personal Brand By Developing a Visibility Plan

If you landed on this page after a search on the search-engine-of-your-choice, welcome! This article was written by Glory Borgeson, an executive coach, author, and speaker. Schedule her to speak at your organization's next event:
Personal Branding Speaker; Emerging Leadership Speaker; Entrepreneurial Speaker

The products that are most visible to us often become the products we buy. The brand managers behind those products work very hard to ensure that we see their products over and over, and that we "see" the products in a good light. The same goes for your personal brand. Read more to find out why it's important that your personal brand be a visible brand and how to get the visibility for your brand that you need in order to become "top of mind" in the minds of your target market!

Have you ever noticed that when you think of certain product categories you immediately think of a certain brand? Here is a list of product categories. As you glance at each one, what brand name comes to mind?

  • Coffee
  • Tissue
  • Automobile
  • Soda
  • Pain reliever

Whichever brand you thought of first was part of a carefully planned strategy by those brandís managers. They worked diligently to ensure you thought of their brands first when you thought about their product category.

It is called visibility. The people behind branded products and services use the various strategies Iíve discussed in previous articles to get their products to be first in your mind.

Likewise, as a self-brand, you need a visibility plan that places you first in the minds of your target market people.

Similar to last monthsí topic about Creating Brand Statements, developing a visibility plan is much more involved than a brief article can fully convey.

In a nutshell, you can get on special projects and task forces, write for your company or industry, speak at industry conferences, lead meetings, get interviewed by the media regarding your industry, and build relationships with people who can connect you to your target market.

Each of these takes a certain amount of preparation or research. Each should get you in front of your target market people and show you in a positive light.

As I mentioned last month, ĒBrand Yourself!Ē is now offered as a self-paced coaching program. It can be used by any business person (corporate or entrepreneur) to develop a self-brand, which can then be used for great results. See the link below for more information.

One of the most important things to remember about self-branding is this:

If you donít brand yourself, someone else will; and it probably wonít be the brand you want!

Donít let that happen to you.

Brand yourself! (without getting burned)!

This personal branding thing can get really involved: there are a lot of steps to discovering, creating, and marketing yourself as a brand successfully. To help you out, I've created a "Brand Yourself! Coaching Program". It is a self-paced coaching program you can purchase directly from Borgeson Consulting. I'm very excited about this program! Since it is self-paced, it is very affordable - less expensive than traditional coaching by telephone, and you complete it at your own pace.

The "Brand Yourself! Coaching Program" has 10 modules, taking you through each of the essential elements of personal branding. Call (630-653-0992) or e-mail ( to find out more about it.

I also give a keynote speech, "Brand Yourself Without Getting Burned: Know the Secrets to Finding the Right Brand for You!" Contact Borgeson Consulting to find out more!

I appreciate your thoughts in response.

Glory Borgeson, President
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