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Suze Orman was Right: Share Your Salary!

If you landed on this page after a search on the search-engine-of-your-choice, welcome! This article was written by Glory Borgeson, an executive coach, author, and speaker. Schedule her to speak at your organization's next event:
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Suze Orman is right! On 6/25/07, she appeared on the TV show, "The View," and stated that people should talk about what they earn on the job. Barbara Walters was aghast. But it's a smart move. Shouldn't you know how much your employer values you? Shouldn't you know if you're making a fair salary?

Suze Orman is right!

On June 25, 2007, Suze Orman was on the television show, The View, encouraging the idea that people should talk about what they earn at their job.

The other women on the panel of the show agreed with Barbara. However, judging from the amount of applause, most of the audience agreed with Suze. They understood that Suze was saying you need to know where you stand in relation to what others are making for similar types of work and similar years of experience in order to know if you need to make changes in your life (such as asking for a raise, finding another job, and/or re-branding yourself).

Business coach Glory Borgeson agrees. I ve been a proponent of this for years, says Borgeson. When I heard Suze state her position, I knew why she was saying it: How else do you know if you are being paid fairly?

Corporations have long made it taboo to speak about salary. Isn t it better to keep people in the dark?

Better for whom?

If you have full knowledge of how much a business (a.k.a. your boss(es)) values you, you will know if you should keep doing what you re doing or make a change.

This is all about branding yourself well, continues Borgeson. Branding yourself is a lot like branding a product. And if you don t brand yourself, someone else will, and it probably won t be the brand you want!

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