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Recession-Proof Your Business Before It’s Too Late


In this economy, how do you –

  • Keep the customers you already have?
  • Attract more prospects and convince them to buy?
  • Build up your sales in new ways?
  • Ensure your business can handle an influx of new customers and increased sales?
  • Stay positive when you hear so much negative?

How are your listeners/readers responding to these crucial questions?

Glory Borgeson offers ideas and tips to recession-proof your business:

  • Create “Wow!” customer service experiences that bring your customers back and turn them into a virtual sales force
  • Set up a team of people (employees, outsourced folks, or both) who help run the business while you make it grow
  • Stretch your strategic mindset to keep your business out of a rut and, instead, place it on a continual path to success
  • Know how to analyze your financial data so that you can make wise business decisions timely

Give your listeners/readers a few tools they need to make their business succeed, so that they are one of the businesses with profits that go up when the economy is down.

Glory Borgeson is a business coach and author of “Catapult Your Business to New Heights: Sure-Fire Strategies to Increase Profit.” 

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