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5 Steps to Make More Money Through Incredible Customer Service


Business owners can kick up their customer service and turn it around to make more money.

Chicago, IL Customer service is “king” in this economy. Customers are choosier about where they spend their money. Don’t be the business they leave – be the business to which they are loyal “no matter what.”

You’re a busy entrepreneur. How can you quickly make a few changes to how your customers view your business so that they stay with you and refer other prospects to you?

Glory Borgeson shares 5 steps to improve customer service that directly affects the bottom line of your business:

  1. Step away from your business for a few moments and recall those times when you were the customer of some other business, and you were not happy with the outcome. What happened? What ticked you off?
  2. Still keeping your “customer hat” on for a moment, think about those occasions when you were not only a happy customer, but you were also pleasantly surprised at how well you were treated by people at a business. You might have even said, “Wow!” out loud. What happened? What did they do that was so surprisingly great? How did it make you feel? Do you consider yourself to be a loyal customer of that business?
  3. Put your “business owner” hat on again. Considering what you figured out in #1 and #2 above, apply it to your business. What do you definitely not want your customers to experience in regard to your business? Think of ways you can ensure your customers and prospects do not experience the same negative experiences you’ve had as a customer. What do you want them to experience? When they contact your business (whether by phone, in person, or by e-mail), what do you want to occur?
  4. What can you and your business do in order to get your customers to say, “Wow!” when they do business with you? Capture it! Brainstorm several ideas.
  5. Plan it! Implement it! Measure what happens! Put into practice several ideas to get that “Wow!” response from your customers.

These are tough times and you cannot afford to lose customers. Instead, attract them. Keep them. Turn them into referral sources. Get them to say, “Wow!” when they do business with you. And watch your sales increase!


Glory Borgeson is a business coach and author of “Catapult Your Business to New Heights: Sure-Fire Strategies to Increase Profit.”

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