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Small Business Expert | Personal Branding Expert |
New Executive’s Position Expert |Glory Borgeson

gloryborgeson_smallAre you looking for an entertaining and informative expert to interview? Someone who will give you great content and keep your audience’s attention?

Glory Borgeson will help your viewers, readers, and listeners improve their business profit, manage their businesses more effectively, succeed in their executive career, and live a balanced life.

Story Angles & Topics
Glory Borgeson is available to contribute unique insight, sound bites, and featured content to media professionals working on various business topics.

All content provided is customized for your specific industry and audience.

A few possible story angles include:

  • How can a business retain customers (and find new ones) even in a tough economic climate?
  • What types of habits get in the way of most entrepreneurs, and how can they turn that around so that their businesses run like well-oiled machines?
  • How can a business owner make the best choices regarding delegation of work, whether by hiring employees or outsourcing, in order to maximize profit?
  • How do an entrepreneur’s leadership skills (and even their mood at work) affect their employees and profit? And how can they ensure their presence at their business positively affects the bottom line?
  • Many business owners are unfamiliar with their own financial statistics and even their own financial reports. This fiscal data is really not all that scary! Let’s discuss some financial basics that can help entrepreneurs understand their businesses better and help them to make more informed decisions.
  • What is “personal branding” and how can it help your career?
  • Why do college students (and other people in their 20's) have a personal brand problem in the workplace?
  • What can college students do to improve their personal brand so that they can get the job they want?
  • Why do the first two years of an executive’s new position also lead to a 40% failure rate? And what can an executive do to ensure he or she is a success statistic?

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Glory Borgeson’s byline for articles:

Glory Borgeson is a business coach, speaker, and author of “Catapult Your Business to New Heights: Sure-Fire Strategies to Increase Profit.” She works with entrepreneurs who want to take their business to higher profit levels, and executives in the first two years of a new position.

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