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Speaking & Keynotes

Glory Borgeson is available to speak to employees at your company, to members of your association, or to students at your college or university. All speeches are available for various lengths of time. Contact Glory for more information.


Catapult Your Business to New Heights: Sure-Fire Strategies to Increase Profit
Based on Glory's book by the same title, this series of talks will help to take your business to new profit levels:

  • Use the Power of “Wow!” to Gain and Retain Customers
  • How to Focus Your Time on the Activities that Give You the Best ROI
  • How to Delegate the Rest of the Business Activities
  • Tag – You’re It!:  How Your Leadership Either Positively or Negatively Affects Your Profit
  • Lead Your Business to Greater Success
  • Planning the Future for Your Business: How, What, When, & Why
  • Financial Metrics are Fun! (Really!)



Brand Yourself! for College Students:  How to Use Personal Branding to Get the Job You Want! 
Personal branding is a great topic for college students who are close to stepping into their first post-college job.

How is this different for college students than for other adults?

Your age group has its own set of personal branding problems that are exacerbated by the thousands of business managers out there who are telling (and writing) stories of their experiences with young 20-something employees. (Note: The stories are not pretty!)

Glory speaks at colleges and universities to students who want to know how to work on their personal brand so that they get the interview and the job (instead of the competition -- your peers!).

This is a great talk with principles that students can use throughout their career to tweak their personal brand as they see fit.

Click here to download the brochure!

 Students respond to the program:


What Are You Worth? – Ask For It & Receive It!
Do you find it easy to ask for what you want in salary, title, office, vacation, benefits, etc? Surprisingly, even women who we would call "successful" find this difficult to do.

Many strategies women have tried:

  • to negotiate their salary for a new job,
  • request a promotion, or
  • ask for a raise

...haven't worked well.

Have you ever found out that colleagues at your level were paid a lot more money than you were paid?
Find out how to figure out what you're worth, discover how to get it, learn from others' (and your) mistakes from the past, and find the words and courage to "ask & receive".

Who is this for?
What Are You Worth? – Ask For It & Receive It! is for corporate women.


Not All Bullies Yell and Throw Things:
How to Survive a Subtle Workplace Bully

Based on Glory's book by the same title, in this presentation you will learn how to identify a subtle workplace bully, know whether you are a target, and then determine what to do about it.

The targets of workplace bullying report stress symptoms that lower their job performance and cause illness. Keeping bullies on staff costs the company money in several ways.

For the targets, they need to figure out how to cope with the stress, take action to end the bullying, and might need to find a new job. Glory helps workers determine a plan of action.

Corporate leaders glean information regarding what it costs to keep bullies on the payroll, the toll that even subtle bullying takes on employees, and tips for ending bullying at their company.

Who is this for?
Not All Bullies Yell and Throw Things is for an audience who cares about what subtle workplace bullying does to the corporate culture and to individual employees.


Brand Yourself Without Getting Burned! Know the Secrets to Finding the Right Brand for You
Remember those nicknames from your school days? Just when you thought the time of being labeled by other people was over, you entered the workforce. And guess what? Many of those people label you as well.

The truth is, if you don't brand yourself, someone else will; and the brand they choose for you probably won't be the brand you want.

Learn how to discover your brand that fits you and how to make that brand work for you, whether you re an executive or entrepreneur (or aspire to be either).

Who is this for?
Brand Yourself is for both corporate employees and entrepreneurs.


Strategies for Success for Emerging Leaders
Executive failure in the first two years of a new position has been measured at 40%. The first two years for an executive in a new role can seem like an executive's honeymoon -- you're loved all the time! And then, one day the honeymoon's over. Suddenly, fault is found with many of your decisions.

Do you know the top three things that sabotage executive success? Forty percent of executives make at least one of these mistakes because they don't know the secrets of succeeding in a new position (or because success came easily in the past).

So, what leads to executive success? Find out how you can be counted in the 60% success rate and lessen your chance for being counted in the failure statistic.

Who is this for?
Strategies for Success is for corporate executives (directors, vice-presidents, and above) who are in the first two years of a new position, or who may be in a new position in the next few years. ("Emerging leaders" is a sub-group of this audience. This talk is highly beneficial for emerging leaders. In addition, men and women who have been in executive positions for while also benefit.)


What the Apprentice Contestants Should Have Known about Brainstorming (in order to Win!)
On the Apprentice television shows, contestants flubbed their brainstorming processes time after time, resulting in losses for their team. Poor brainstorming and evaluation procedures occur in business all the time, leading to lack of good ideas and less money.

Learn how to use brainstorming, evaluation, and development effectively and creatively in order to arrive at your best ideas, best practices, and more net profit.

Who is this for?
Brainstorming is for anyone who works with teams of people, leading meetings and/or facilitating. Great for both corporate employees and entrepreneurs.