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Workplace Bullying

In Glory’s latest book, “Not All Bullies Yell and Throw Things: How to Survive a Subtle Workplace Bully”, she tackles a subject she researched for 10 years.

Check Out Glory's Appearance on TV, Talking about Workplace Bullying: 

Why Workplace Bullying?

Millions of people around the world are the targets of a workplace bully. It spans all types of workplaces and all levels of employees. In particular, Glory writes about subtle workplace bullying – the types of bullying where the culprit doesn’t yell or throw things; the type of bullying that can go unnoticed by your colleagues.

To be the target of a subtle workplace bully can mean such an increase in stress that you cannot perform your job with excellence, the company loses money in the form of less productivity, you experience more illness, and the list goes on.

Bullies at work will destroy your sense of purpose, competence, and well-being at your job.

It’s time to get your career and your health back on track by reclaiming what the workplace bully has taken away.

Corporate Programs

The subject of workplace bullying is closely related to how we work together as colleagues and how managers lead people.

In corporate programs, we work toward identifying workplace bullying and eradicating it. We also work with managers in leadership development to help them discover positive ways to lead their teams in order to increase employee engagement and productivity.

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What Other Resources Do You Have for the Targets of Workplace Bullying?

We are exploring group coaching teleconference calls for the targets of workplace bullying.

If you are interested in finding out more, or if you’d like to receive periodic information about workplace bullying, go to the Home page and click the slider to open the form pop-up screen. Sign up for the Workplace Bullying topic and we’ll keep you informed.


The Book!
bulliesfrontcover-sml-.75x1.1_-_with_outline_343_02"Not All Bullies Yell and Throw Things: How to Survive a Subtle Workplace Bully" Are you the target of a subtle workplace bully?

In this book Glory outlines how to stop the bullying and get your career and your life back on track.

Even subtle bullies cause people to experience high amounts of stress and harm their careers.

This book will help you identify a subtle workplace bully, practice coping strategies to help deal with the stress, determine whether to confront the bully (and what needs to be in place in order to do that), and when it's time to look for a new job.

Included are tips for how your family and friends can support you and how to recognize a workplace bully during an interview.

This book is available in Paperback (see below for information about the eBook/Kindle version.)

When you purchase a Paperback copy from this website, you will get an autographed copy!

For the paperback book, for shipments within the U.S., the price includes shipping and any applicable tax.

For shipments outside the U.S., please contact us by e-mail for shipping fees before you purchase.

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(The "Bullies" eBook/Kindle version is available from Amazon. Click here!  If you don't own a Kindle, click here to download a Kindle app for just about any device.)



Quoted in the News!

Glory Borgeson was quoted in Newsday as an expert on workplace bullying by business journalist Carrie Mason-Draffen.

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